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Origami Star (Five Intersecting Tetrahedra)

This is a tough one. It’s a wonderful modular origami by Thomas Hull, five tetrahedra inside each other. Modular origami takes more time to make than normal origami (from one single paper) since it requires a lot of small pieces and then the assembly.

This modular is made of 30 simple pieces, making them takes about an hour and the assembly is pure hell. The modules keep coming apart while you put it together it and the method isn’t very clear. The best advice I can give you is look at the different stages on the pictures, a video of the full assembly would take about an hour and wouldn’t help at all.

Video courtesy of Mark Roberts.

Paper to use

This model takes 10 square papers that will have to be cut in three to have 3:1 ratio.


Diagrams on Thomas Hull’s website


Intersecting TetrahedraIntersecting TetrahedraIntersecting TetrahedraIntersecting Tetrahedra Step 1Intersecting Tetrahedra Step 2Intersecting Tetrahedra Step 3Intersecting Tetrahedra Step 4Intersecting Tetrahedra Step 5