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Yamaha Ultra Realistic Motorcycle Paper Craft

I once challenged myself to do one of these, and failed miserably, not because it looked like nothing, the steering part was completed, but it was due to the lack of motivation. If you really like motorcycles, are skilled in cutting/gluing paper and have years of free time, go for it.

I challenge anybody to do this and make it resemble to what the assembled model looks like. It’s a nice promotional campaign from Yamaha, you can either print colored or black and white parts.

The TMAX is a scooter-like motorcycle, pdf files on their site.

The Yamaha DSC11, which stands for Dragstar Classic Eleven, is one of the coolest and looks like some modernized steampunk machine. Files over here.

The MT-01 is the most difficult as it’s the most detailed, it is in 5 parts: the engine, rear arm and frame, steering and tank, exhaust pipe and front and rear tires. It takes an enlightened Buddhist to do that. Here’s the link to the pdf files you can print out.

You can browse for more models on their main page: Yamaha Papercraft.


Yamaha YZR-M1Yamaha MT-01Yamaha TMAXYamaha DSC11