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4 Cubes Strip Origami

4 cubes made from 3 strips by Heinz Strobl. This is a lot harder than it looks, I wanted to make an icosahedron out of strips, but quickly realized that it was too difficult to assemble, so I went for the 4 cubes.

You have to make the strips hold still while you’re tucking them, using paperclips for example, but once assembled it’s very sturdy.

The instructions from Orihouse aren’t very clear on what to do, so I tried the over/under method and it turned out great. Strip origami is way harder on the assembly than modular origami, but requires almost no creasing.

For this one you only need 3 strips of 14 squares. I used old school notes that had 5mm grid and made the squares 2cm wide. Since it’s almost impossible to follow the assembly on video I didn’t make one.

Paper to use

You need 3 by 14 square strips, so it depends of the paper’s length. Maybe a thicker paper than normal printing paper would make the assembly easier.


Diagrams at Orihouse


4 Cubes Strip Origami4 Cubes Strip Origami