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Strip Dodecahedron

For this strip origami I used the Sphere94 folding method to make the pentagons.

It wasn’t assembled in any special way, I just kept making pentagons and knotting them together. It’s actually easy to make since every pentagon holds itself together on its own, so knotting the pentagons together isn’t a problem.

Again I used some of my old school notes paper, it helps cutting exact strips with 5mm grid lines. Once you run out of a strip you can easily add another one by tucking it somewhere.

It took me a while and about 20 strips of an A4 paper. This model was made with 2cm wide paper.

Paper to use

Any, you need long strips of paper, no matter what length, but I’d recommend normal printing paper rather than some thicker since it makes the tucking easier.


Diagrams at Orihouse


Strip DodecahedronStrip DodecahedronStrip Dodecahedron