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Stamp Machine

This model is made of strips of paper rather than a single paper or folded modules. It’s called a stamp machine (originally “Stampfmaschine” from German) because it can move – or more commonly known as “action model”. It consists of 16 cubes, each cube is made of 3 strips of paper, and everything is knotted together with more strips.

I used thicker paper (160g/m2) for the cubes because they had to be sturdy and normal paper (80g/m2) to knot them together. You’ll need 48 strips of 6 squares to make all the 16 cubes, 4 strips of 14 squares and 8 of 12 squares to knot them together (although the 14 and 12 square strips aren’t that accurate).

A knotology origami by Heinz Strobl.

Paper to use

You need 48 strips of 6 squares for the cubes and then knot them together with whatever you have.


Diagrams for the cube
Assembly instructions


Stamp MachineStamp MachineStamp MachineStamp Machine