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Yin-Yang Box

The Yin-yang paper box is made from 2 circular pieces. It cannot be called origami since it requires cutting, but I thought it looked really nice and would fit in the paper craft category. The credit goes to the Philip Chapman-Bell who came up with this nice design.

I made the crease pattern myself instead of printing it out and used thicker paper than normal printing paper. The circle I made had a 10cm radius.

I used a pen and draw on the curved folding lines, it makes the paper weaker in these areas and makes the folding that much easier. I really recommend thick paper for this one, looks better and is sturdier.

Paper to use

Thick paper (160g/m2). You need 2 circular pieces, one black and the other white work the best.


Crease pattern on the Fitful Flog’s website


Yin-Yang BoxYin-Yang BoxYin-Yang Box