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Origami Football

An origami football (or soccer ball) by Mark Leonard. It’s made from 20 white pieces and 12 black pieces. Unfortunately it’s not very sturdy because of the pentagons having 2 flaps and 3 pockets for every module, this leaves some gaps in the model. Other than that it’s great and looks like a traditional football.

I made the white hexagons from A6 format paper (that is an A4 cut in half twice). The black pentagons were a bit more difficult, 10.5cm in height (half an A4 in length) and 6.8cm in width, this is to make sure the hexagons’ and pentagons’ sides match.

In my model I used a thicker paper for the pentagons, this might be why it’s not very sturdy. Either way don’t try to kick it.

While assembling you’ll have to rotate a module sometimes to make others fit in, there are no extra flaps.

Paper to use

You need 20 white papers of A5 format and 12 black ones, use the diagrams to cut the paper to the exact required dimensions.


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Origami FootballOrigami FootballOrigami Football