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A very nice modular origami that has the possibility of being expanded: you can assemble 18 modules to make a truncated tetrahedron, 24 for a cuboctahedron, 30 for a dodecahedron like the one on the picture, 48 for a rhombicuboctahedron and so on.

The modules are 120 degree units, by David Shall. I think you can figure out what the assembling steps are, it took me about half an hour to assemble it so I couldn’t tape it all.

Paper to use

You need 24, 30 or 48 square papers, they don’t have to be very big, but the bigger the easier to assemble.


Diagrams on Francis Ow’s website

You can also find them in David Shall’s book: Papercopia: Origami Designs.


Truncated TetrahedronTruncated TetrahedronTruncated TetrahedronTruncated Tetrahedron