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A cuboctahedron is has eight triangular faces and six square faces, in this case made out from a single square paper, by Thoki Yenn.

This one of the hardest models I’ve ever made, not so much because it’s difficult to fold, but because I had to figure out a lot of things. The diagrams are very brief consisting of only 15 pictures.

The first model I made took me about 2 hours, including all the trial and error, it looked also the best out of the 3 I made.

The instructional video definitely will help you if you’re stuck. I apologize for being off center a bit, folding this model is quite hard and keeping an eye on what I’m doing and how I’m filming is even harder.

I added one fold to the precreasing part that will help you later when you have to lock some flaps inside the cuboctahedron.

In the end of the video, when I’m closing it up, I mess up a little, but if you’re already at that part you probably don’t need the assistance anymore anyway.

This is a really difficult one, if you think you’re up to it go ahead. If the precreasing part is well done the rest basically folds by itself.

The music used in this video was freely downloaded from last.fm (in order):

  • Mujuice – Blink
  • Ben Woods – Stare Out in Silence
  • General Fuzz – Go Inward

Paper to use

Preferably a big square paper, I used 20cm square paper.


View diagrams on Thoki Yenn’s website