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Verdi’s Vase

A very sturdy and easy to make vase by Philip Shen. It requires a lot of precreasing and has curved surfaces. The only difficult part might be when you have to fold the sides in three equal parts at the beginning, in the video I was a bit off, but it didn’t affect the final result.

When you’re pulling out the sides be careful not to tear the paper.

You might be able to use it as an actual vase if you use some water resistant paper.

The music in the video is from Jamendo (in order):

  • Les Faux – Samba de Sando
  • Mindthings – Life’s Things
  • Revolution Void – Biomythos

Paper to use

One square paper, the one I used in the video was an A4 cut to square.


Diagrams by Mark Kennedy


Verdi’s VaseVerdi’s VaseVerdi’s VaseVerdi’s Vase