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Four Interlocking Triangular Prisms

A complex modular origami by Daniel Kwan. Like with most modular origami this model isn’t quite as hard to fold as to assemble. It’s very simple in its structure and the interlocking triangular prisms give it a very interesting shape.

I had to cheat a little during the assembly, you can notice in the video that I did not assemble every module with all its flaps, this is because I used thick paper which makes it hard to bend once it’s folded, but even with these flaps tucked the way they are makes model is incredibly sturdy.

I skipped the module assembly when assembling different prisms because once you can assemble a prism the rest is easy, just note how the prisms intersect each other.

Music used in the video (from Jamendo) in order:

  • David Schombert – Earth
  • Viktor Gradov – The Space Wanderer
  • Mindthings – I Can’t Feel

Paper to use

I used colored A4 thick paper, it makes it harder to assemble, but results in a very solid structure.


Diagrams in Daniel Kwan’s Flickr album


4 Interlocking Triangular Prisms4 Interlocking Triangular Prisms4 Interlocking Triangular Prisms