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Lesser Stellar Dodecahedron

The Lesser Stellar Dodecahedron by Meenakshi Mukerji takes quite some time as it’s made from 30 modules. It’s not the sturdiest modular, but holds together nevertheless.

The modules are 36 degree isosceles triangle units which are quite easy to fold. The assembly is a bit tricky as one unit interlocks using 2 other units.

You can also try to assemble a different number of units too, on the pictures one is made of 6 modules and the other 12.

Paper to use

30 square papers.


Diagrams courtesy of Meenakshi


Lesser Stellar DodecahedronLesser Stellar DodecahedronLesser Stellar DodecahedronLesser Stellar Dodecahedron With 6 ModulesLesser Stellar Dodecahedron With 12 Modules