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Spiked Icosahedron

A spiked icosahedron made with Nick Robinson’s trimodules. Before you begin this one note that folding a single module correctly takes about 2 to 5 minutes, you need 30 of them, it gets boring fast.

The final model is about 17cm from spike to spike. The one I made has only 2 colors, it might have looked better with 3 different colors.

At first, when assembling, it will not hold together very well, but once all the pieces are in place it’s very sturdy.

You can also assemble it with less modules if you’re really fed up with folding.

Paper to use

You’ll need 30 square papers, I used 10cm wide paper.


Diagrams on Nick Robinson’s website


Spiked IcosahedronSpiked Icosahedron